U-Disk FingerPrint reader Module (FC1701)

Code: FC1701 Category: USB Security Device Price: Member Only Currently FC1701 is shipped with a "Quickick" APP - a general purpose, configurable model of a lock and password manager device. Evaluation kit is available, with open source projects under construction. Comment and suggestions are welcome. For customized softare IP and industrial design, send your inquiry to support@bynewonline.com, specifying your need and field of application.
Available in Q2/2019

Product Features

● Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Module.
● Stand-alone device, offer enrollment, verification, query, delete and image collection of fingerprint without upper device.
● High sensitivity for dry and wet fingers.
● Commercial use of algorithms.
● Including a 1MB serial FLASH.
● Store up to 1700 fingerprints.
● Offer various communication interfaces: USB, SPI and UART.
● Low power consumption, supporting deep sleep mode.
● Applications: fingerprint product development, the development of fingerprint lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint access control, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint security-disk(U-disk), login dongle, mobile device, ID card. management

Product Specifications

● Active area: 176*176 pixels, or 8.8x8.8 mm2
● Resolution: 508 Dpi
● Sample rate: 40 frames/s
● Matching mode: 1:1, 1:N
● Matching time: <0.3s (1:1000, average)
● Enrollment time: <0.2s
● Eigenvalues Template Size: <512B
● Security level: 3
● FAR: <0.001%
● FRR: <0.1%
● Anti-wearing: 6H
● ESD protection : +/- 15kV
The outer frame dimension : 13.4*12.4*0.6 mm (L x W x H)
The body dimension : 12.2*11.2*0.6 mm (L x W x H)
Communication interface : USB, SPI, UART
Operating environment : -20 to +60℃ / <RH 90%
Storage environment : -40 to +70℃ / <RH 90%
PCB dimension : 33.4*20.4*3.3mm (L x W x H)

About Fingerprint Module

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