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Personal Security Collaborator

We provide products and services to help our cutomer build products with high quality components, include sensors, sub-assembly and software library.

Fingerprint Sensor Modules

Supply several different sizes of 2D capacitive fingerprint area sensors: 80x80, 120x120, 160x160, 176x176, 288x208, 360x256.
And sensor size also can be customized. All sonsers support high speed SPI interface.

Embedded Fingerprint Solutions

This solution is a stand-alone capacitive touch fingerprint module with low consumption with fingerprint management. Including embedded fingerprint recognition algorithm, so it can work for fingerprint enrollment, delete, image collection, identification and verification without connecting to other device. It can store up to 1700 fingerprint information. It support USB、SPI、UART and Bluetooth communication interface.

USB Fingerprint Devices

Supply standard USB interface fingerprint devices which include 2D capacitive touch fingerprint sensor and embedded fingerprint recognition algorithm. It can be used to U-Disk or other USB interface identification cases. Its appearance can be customized.

Product Design Services

Supply customized products and services as following: * Cusomized sizes for sensor, packaging, surface color and image or logo; * PCB board design and manufacture for apllication; * Design and manufacture for final product apparence.

OEM Service

Design to production based on requirement.

Development And Test Kits

* Development platform: STM32 Open407V-C; * Development tools: Keil MDK; * Test platform tool for one-chip; * Test platform tool for multi-chip;


Corporate Introduction

Bynew Technology was founded in October 2014. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to portable personal security products. Our products involve cutting-edge sensor technology with advanced assembling experience, high-quality packaging service, innovative platform and software architecture.

Advantages of our solution

1) Best fingerprint sensor device

2) Robust packaging design

3) Innovations in software solution running on the latest secure platform

4) Open architecture that allows further value-added development

5) User group support



Except the application for mobile phone, capacitive fingerprint sensor and fingerprint recognition technology can be applied to many areas, such as Fingerprint lock, Person identification key, Fingerprint safe deposit box, Access control system, Authority management, Notebook, portable hard drive, suitcase, mouse, keyboard, and even toys.